Laughing Lady


And so she laughed

With the sun in her hair

And the breath of the wind

On her skin.

Her eyes sparkled like diamonds

And the song of her laughter

Rang through the air,

Calling others to join in.

She drew them in by her joy

And her beauty, radiating from

Her heart.

She drew them close,

Unaware of the light,

Like a magnet,

That enticed them so.

So pure, so lovely, so bright.

And she welcomed them,

Gently and humbly,

To share in her laughter,

To share in her joy.

With the sun in their hair

And the breath of the wind

On their skin,

Their eyes sparkled like diamonds,

And so they laughed…


October 21, 2017


IMG_E2825Crying is good.

Let those tears fall.

Take delight in your swollen eyes and puffy lips.

Revel in the tears that are making your eye lashes stick together.

Your tears make your eyes shine brighter,

They make your cheeks rosy and your lips full.

You are beautiful,

Even when you cry,

Especially when you cry.

You are beautiful even though you want to throw things and kick and wail on the floor like a toddler.

You are beautiful even though you fail.

You are beautiful even though you are confused and hurt and angry and sad.

You are beautiful even though your face is wet with tears and your words are choked from your tightened throat.

You are beautiful even though you’ve lost your hope right now.

You are still beautiful even though you don’t believe it.

You are beautiful even though you’re swallowing your own snot,

Especially because you’re swallowing your own snot.

You are beautiful even though your heart is broken.

You can wait to fix it.

You can let it be broken right now and hold the pieces in your hands and weep over them.

That’s okay.

You are still beautiful.


September 25, 2018

Keep Watch

close up photography of red leaves

Keep watch,

My eyes,

Keep watch.

Be careful not to stray,

Or else you’ll miss

The loveliness I’ll show you.

Keep watch,

My eyes,

Keep watch.

The waking of the day

Has come to say, “Good morning,”

And to greet you.

Like lovers walking sweetly

By each others’ side,

Who greet each other with a kiss

And affection in their eyes.

Like birds that sing, “Good morning,”

Surrounded by the dew,

Sweetly, softly, fondly

Is how I look at you.

Keep watch,

My eyes,

Keep watch,

For this shall be a day

You’ll see what I am showing you,

So be it as it may.


May 12, 2017

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Of the Rose

beautiful bloom blooming close up

Will You let me be a rose, God?

Let me adorn Your mother’s crown?

Will You let me be Your servant,

And in Your great mercy, drown?

Will You let me be a petal,

That has fallen at Your feet,

And anoint the ground with fragrance,

That lingers soft and sweet?

Will You let me be a leaf, God,

That adorns the pretty rose,

And complements the petals

While the green stem grows?

Never let me be a thorn, God,

That pierces in Your crown,

Bringing You such pain, God,

In Your blood they did drown.

Oh let me be a rose, God,

A petal or a leaf,

So I may weave for You, Lord,

A fragrant, lovely wreath.


October 4, 2018

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Camp Protege (A glimpse of my experience)


Oh what exhaustion! What joy! What fullness, but also emptiness. How tired I am, yet how alive. How free, beautiful, light, open, and a bit empty I am. And a bit mad as well. Not mad as in ‘angry,’ but mad as in the Mad Hatter. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, like a combination of every wild and whimsical character. I feel a bit insane after running around screaming, waving my arms in the air, asking the sky to give me wings and make me a bird, rolling around in the grass and hoping and searching to find a four-leaf-clover. ‘We are all a bit mad here.’ But not in a bad way. It’s not bad to be mad here. In this case, I would consider madness as an astounding openness, availability, and eagerness. We are mad because we push ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are madly in love with art and each other. I am madly in love with my Creator. We are madly in love with this space and the tears, laughter, and hysteria it brings. We are raw; we are unashamed; we are astounding creatures, and yes, a bit mad. I am exhausted, utterly exhausted, and I could not be more happy about it. I could not be more thrilled to once again share this space with these humans and bare the wildness of our hearts and souls to each other. I could not be more thrilled to lay awake tonight, unable to sleep because of the unfathomable greatness of this week. And you know what? That really is a bit mad.

August 30, 2018

Invitation to Be



Just what beauty there is here.


Just what love is become.

Just what grace in this space to be held in this place.


Just what dance to be danced,

Movement to move,

Comfort to listen,

Quiet to hear.




Invitation to be.

Invitation to be.

Who are we?

Who are we to be?

Invitation to stand in this land

Invitation to breathe and be held

Invitation for patience

Invitation for repentance for not loving ourselves

Invitation to love ourselves

Invitation to be ourselves

Invitation to be.

Spill out.

Spill out the feelings you didn’t know you had.

Allow them to fall out of you,

Scream them out, force them out, be ugly and beautiful all at once.

For you are you.

You are a body, a mind, a soul, a spirit, a creature, a human, a woman, a man, a human, a mover, a lover, a friend, a child, an artist, a dancer.

You are you.

I invite you to be.

Just be.


August 27, 2018

Colors of Femininity

two paintbrushes on multicolored abstract painting
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You are a woman,

And being a woman

Invites a myriad of colors

Which splatter across a canvas

Arranging themselves in both

Astoundingly beautiful flowers

And wild and random splotches,

Which while loud and obnoxious and stark

Are what make the masterpiece a whole.

So woman,

Back up.

Take in this masterpiece from a few steps back,

Not close-up focusing on your flowers

Or your splotches of brightly colored paint,

But on all of it:

On those tantrums of red,

The tear drops of blue,

The rays of yellow,

The blades of green,

The soft spots of pink,

The strokes of white,

And those tunnels of black.

And none of these blend.

They stand apart from each other on the canvas

Overlapping but not blending.

Or maybe sometimes they do blend,

Creating new colors

And new parts of your masterpiece.

So woman,

You are a woman,

With a myriad of colors,

Beautiful and messy

And a masterpiece of femininity.


August 24, 2018